Strategic Human Capital Management:

  • Personnel Administration and Retirement |Audit Services Policy Review, Staffing, Classification |Benefits Review
  • Revamp Employee Orientation & New Hire Process | On and Off boarding
  • Workforce Change Strategy, Development and Implementation | Process Analysis and Re-engineering
  • Audit Recruitment Process: Compliance, Sourcing Strategy (Advertising, Targets, Pipeline etc.)

Organization Transformation/OD:

  •  Workforce Assessment | Succession Planning | Career Broadening | Promotion Paths
  • Road Mapping Organization Change| Creating Synergy Around Culture Shifts and Organization Growth
  • Process Improvements |Create/Audit/Review Performance Management Programs
  • Facilitate Large Group Meetings and Corporate Off-sites
  • Create Workplace Values, Mission, Goals Statements |Develop Core Competencies and Best Practices
  • Change Management: Create initiatives (formal and informal) directed towards aligning employee’ acceptance and performance to culture changes, Systematic changes; major leadership and vision changes; significant downsizing
    or upsizing)

Leadership/Professional Development:

  • Leadership Coaching |Personality Assessments |Employee Training and Manager Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion | Embracing Generations in the Workplace | Teambuilding
  • Customized Leadership Development and Classroom Delivery | Train Internal Recruiters


  • Recruitment Process/functions such as: (metrics & goals) Data and Information Gathering, Interviews, Current Market Research, Opportunities/Challenges, Employee Value Proposition/Branding
  • Compliance, Sourcing Strategy (Relationships, Advertising, Resources, Social Media, Competitor Targets | Pipeline| Prioritization of Requirements, (Including Ats Review) Optimization, Customization, and User Awareness.